The Canadian Broadcast Company ran an interview about Unloaded Open Carry on a show called “As It Happens” (NPR styled news show in Canada)

“The right to keep and bear arms.” It’s the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and for some Americans, it’s not just a fundamental right that needs to be defended. It needs to be demonstrated.

In California, as in forty-two other states, it is perfectly legal to carry a firearm, as long as it’s visible. California is, in fact, more restrictive than most states, in that the weapon must remain unloaded. In these “open-carry” states, only concealed firearms require a permit.

David Julian wants all that to change. He hosts a podcast called “Open Carry Radio”, and he’s hoping for a day when Californians have complete freedom to bear their arms for everyone to see — or not. We reached Mr. Julian in Sunnyvale.


The interview is in the second hour.

Here’s a snippet of the show.