In a 41-25 decision (passing by one vote), the California State Assembly passed AB 1934 moving it along to the senate.  This is the horrible bill authored by Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña (D-San Diego) that we’ve been following for some time now. Most expected it to die much earlier, but California politicians have decided to perpetuate the notion that they’ll pass any anti gun bill that comes across their desk.

This during a time where the rest of what I call “Free America” (the other 42 states that have a clue) is moving toward more individual rights as it pertains to guns and selfdefense.

Because I refuse to grease the palms of my local Sheriff (Going rate is $25,000 to a re-election campaign or being famous) my application for “permission” to exercise an inalienable right was denied. Meaning I will be without a legal option to protect myself. This leads me to a conclusion.

I carry everyday now in California and will continue to do so even if I am made to be a criminal with the stroke of a pen. I would rather be in jail and alive than dead and law abiding.

I believe with my background and standing in the community I’ll be a great case to take to the Supreme Court.

A message to California Law Enforcement (who we know read this site daily). I am a peaceful man, I am a devoted Husband, I’m a quiet professional, I have served as you have served, I am not your slave, I am one of God’s children, I respect your rights (which end where mine begin), I make no furtive movements, I will not be involved in a stand off with you, I comply with all LEGAL requests, I am not in a rush, I am filmed and audio recorded everywhere I go, and I am a FREE man. When I choose to not comply with your illegal demands, you’ll use violence against me, please keep this to a minimum, I enjoy sucking wind.

  1. On the off-chance you lose the legal right to open carry for a “good” long time, I suggest you buy a bullet-proof vest. When people ask why you wear it, tell them. Start a movement. Y’know, until it becomes a public safety issue…

  2. We will just open carry rifles let soldana bring in a bill to quash that also