Quick episode to get back on the horse.

Things covered in this episode:

UK Massacare (even with all their anti-gun laws)

Phoenix Number Two Kidnapping Capital as Drug Cartel Wars Intensify

Police Chiefs work with Sacramento (aka Irwin) to seize your weapon to force ID. Internal Documents available Here. (I’ll continue to protect my source until he/she tells me different)

John Lovell (Lobbyist seen in the video link below) had this to say:

Photo: Law Offices of John Lovell

Susan, Ken and Marty: Please see the attached memorandum from Irwin Nowick, who is generally known as the most knowledgeable person at the Capitol on firearms issues. He is suggesting that current law permits us to seize the weapons that are being openly carried (even if unloaded) and that we are not required to immediately return them, but, instead may take them back to the station and return them in a timely fashion after reasonable inquiries are made as to registration and ownership. If he is correct, we may at least have a short term solution until we can get a legislative fix. John

Lari Saldana hates facts (Check out the 17:30 minute mark). Earlier in the video she says “This is an unregulated behavior”. Haven forbid you let something happen in the State that’s “unregulated”.

Episode #017 of Open Carry Radio availableĀ here. Runtime: 27:14

  1. Please sign the open carry petitition for California at http://www.petitiononline.com/CalOC/petition.html – and pass on to your friends and post to blogs – time is short to stop the Saldana bill!

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