The Commonwealth Club posted the debates from late May.

On the board:

Chief Ken James, Police Chief, Emeryville, CA
Sam Paredes, Executive Director, Gun Owners of California
Professor Franklin Zimring, William G. Simon Professor of Law and Wolfen Distinguished Scholar, UC Berkeley
John Diaz, Editorial Page Editor, SF Chronicle – Moderator

There was a second debate last night (the 17th of June) where Lori Saldana (the bureaucrat that authored AB1934) attended with a full tax payer funded armed security detail. Apparently protection against harm should only be provided to the elite! I’ll post that debate when it’s available.

Interesting bits:

At 26:10 Chief Ken James basically lays out his policy on CCW issuance in his jurisdiction… Not gonna happen! The govt. can’t sit there and say “We’re not infringing on your right, look you can just file some paper work with the police chief to get a license”, ¬†while the police chief has a near-zero issuance policy.

Around 40:00 Ken James is ask about the constitutionality of the issue and he WRONGLY thinks the constitution guarantees a ‘right’ to safety. Mr. James, you may want to actually READ the constitution.

50:37 I wonder if Chief James will ask his officers to leave there guns at the station, he clearly states that the guns have more ofter caused problems through “misuse” for his officers than saved lives.

  1. Nice to see that Sam was carrying to this event …funny how the chief of police never carries when he is “off duty” funny how cops are never really “off duty” what a sad state of affairs if himself or one of his unarmed “off duty” officers were killed by gangbangers or one of these “armed civilians” that everyone is afraid of. We have the right to protect ourselves and our families from the “bad guys” and we will until some politician removes our right to bear arms