“My poverty, but not my will consents.”

A week ago a livermore resident (Walter) was rudely stopped by men doing business as ‘Livermore Police Department’. They came with guns drawn to invoke an old racist California penal code that authorizes (not mandates) officers to inspect an openly carried weapon to determine it’s unloaded. A stupid law Californian OCers agree. Bare in mind that it is still legal to have ammo with you just no in the gun.

These armed men knew Walter and called out to him by name. Then proceeded to treat him as if he had robbed the grocery store he just left and not patronized it. When local police know Walter by name and reputation, are these actions appropriate? Would the same action be taken with a man of higher “status”? If the local police knew that Mr. Warbucks (the town’s entrepreneurial millionaire) enjoyed exercising his natural human right to self protection, would they treat him the same?

The answer is NO! Both the department and it’s officers would be apprehensive that there action would garner retaliation under color of law (42 U.S.C. ยง1983). Under our current justice system only those wealthy enough to fight will see justice, all others will need hone up on their boot licking skills or fight fire with fire.

The system that is cracking down on Walter in the video above it based in violence and the overbearing threat of violence. If Walter held his head up high knowing he had not broken any laws and just ignored the violent men doing business as “LPD” he would have been beaten into submission (compliance) or worse. There is no way to sugar coat this.

If you are unable to pay the exorbitant legal costs of defending yourself against these private businesses you will need determine where your line in the sand is and guard it. I’ve drawn my line. I’ve taken an ass beating for much less. Since I know this website is read by lots of local departments and the FEDs I’ll say this, If you want to try and violate my human rights you had better be working on those perishable skills.

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