Walter Stanley has been carrying in his town regularly. His efforts (exercising a natural right in a climate where it’s not popular with a vocal minority) have made his neighborhood safer not only for non-carrying individuals but also for people that will choose the same method of self protection in the future.

For California, I’m predicting that soon the days of “Hot-Stops” or “Felony Stops” on law abiding people will be gone. The above video is your proof. My town is so acclimated that I’ll go months without a citizen curiously inquiring about my sidearm. Local law enforcement just waves from their cruisers, they have no suspicions that I’m breaking the law and have more important things to do then stop me to “inspect” my gun. I suspect the novelty will wear off for Livermore PD and they’ll go back to stopping criminals.

If you have video of non-incounters or good experiences while carrying, post them. Need help posting them, send me a twitter msg.

I want to also commend Walter for organizing a “city-wide” open carry event. No need to make a huge production, just carry like normal, support your local businesses, be a quiet professional. Great idea and great job!

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