Congratulations to Sam Wolanyk for winning his lawsuit against San Diego for falsely arresting him for Open Carrying.

Ryan Burbridge calls in to walk us through two of his illegal detainment in what can only be described as harassment by the Keystone Cops (I mean the Long Beach PD and Park Rangers).

The audio in question from the 4th of July family picnic can be downloaded here.

And two of the three videos from his July 11th illegal detainment and harassment while officers operated under the color of law.

Both of these filmed by a very level headed and supportive Wife/Mother.

Episode #020 of Open Carry Radio available here. Runtime: 1hour 21mins (longest episode yet?)

  1. Is the preferred mode of carry of an ipod nano to have it in your coin pocket? For some reason on your open carry videos I figured it was higher up (like around your neck). The coin pocket seems to be a perfect size though. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Coin pocket unless I think I can get it out and at chest level without spooking the officer. The video camera is in addition to an audio recorder, backups are good.