Brady Campaign's expected reaction from criminals.

Heroic Construction worker Carlos Partida, 30, of Chula Vista, had to use his vehicle as a weapon to defend himself and a school full of children against a crazed gunman.

If you were open carrying would you have been able to help? Not likely in California because PC626.9 prohibits law abiding people from possessing a handgun within 1000 feet from a school, paving the way for the criminals to shoot fish in a barrel. The fish in this case, your children.

I’m very proud of the people that intervened here and stopped this shooting spree early enough to save lives. A group of men tackled this shooter, a tough decision when unarmed. Partida says “We kind of got him down, and we all ended up getting out bodies, fists and feet, and kicking the shit out of him, you know,”.

But according to anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign this type of crime shouldn’t be happening after they pushed the Gun Free School Zone Act on Americans, a federal law later adopted by California as a State law. And as mentioned in a popular Open Carry Forum, it’s highly unlikely this shooter will be charged with violating PC626.9 or PC12031.

A dyed in the wool Brady member would agree that the laws didn’t prevent this atrocity. The next “logical” step for them would be to ban guns all together.  But as we know this is plainly false. One only needs to look at China, where guns of any kind are illegal for citizens to own.

I could go on… Notice the language “School Killings“, these assaults are being perpetrated with knifes and meat cleavers! And the police that’ve been appointed to guard the schools that make it in the news are UNARMED! (meaning they don’t have firearms).

The only answer I see is to repeal these useless Gun Free School Zone laws. We need to enter in to the minds of criminals that if they decide to harm children in schools that there is a good chance the Teachers, Principals, Bus Drivers, Janitors, Gym Coach, Librarian, someone is carrying and will use deadly force to protect the students they love!

Original Articles, Del Mar Times, LA Times, and KABC

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