I’ve been subscribed to Limalife’s channel on youtube for some time now and I’ve found her take and approach on self defense and gun topics refreshing. Where else can you find an instructional video on what to do when you need to go #2 in public while carrying šŸ™‚

Below is a wonderfully produced video illustrating the importance of having a round chambered in your carry piece. California’s racist law (Mulford Act 1967) and civil protests aside I’ve learned that a number of listeners and open carriers carry unloaded even in states that permit it.

If you’re one of these people, maybe you think it’s safer for others around you to not have one in the pipe. Maybe you’re nervous about it going off on its own. I’d encourage you to do some research on your particular firearm, chances are it’s been made in the last few decades and can stand the “drop test”. Here’s California’s for reference, other states read very similar.

So unless you defeat all safeties and pull the trigger that gun is not going off. Train train train and carry loaded.

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