Earlier tonight I went on one of many open carry walks with the dog. I carry everyday and take a long walk with the dog 3-4 times a week. Looking back at my personal recordings and youtube videos, it’s been almost a year since a LEO stopped to talk to me. I figured the LEOs in my area got a clue and moved on to things like, investigating and stopping crime. On a few occasions I got a nod or wave from the deputies on my walk.

Tonight was different. The difference I can only guess is that a person called the police at the sight of my legal activity, that call got routed through to the San Jose PD, who handle things different than the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept.

Click photo for video.

We can learn a few things from this encounter:
1. The PC12031(e) check is OPTIONAL. Some LEO’s perform it (violating your rights) others don’t.
2. A 10-66 would have definitely gotten the “Let’s see some ID” treatment, open carriers don’t.
3. There could be value in asking officers if they intend on using force with you if you don’t comply.
4. LEO’s are still reading this website.
5. San Jose PD took approximately 10 minutes to respond to a Suspicious Man With A Gun call.
6. In all, 6 cruisers sent to my location, time and money well spent ๐Ÿ™‚
7. Nothing said about me recording them.

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  2. The Santa Clara Sheriffs still seem like they have been pretty cool thus far. It seemed by the end of their stop that they were hoping the SJPD would just ignore you and for whatever reason wanted to prevent them interacting with you. Maybe they were worried the SJPD would mess something up in their jurisdiction and they’d be stuck doing paperwork?

    The e check wasn’t bad considering you’d never interacted with them before. Pretty ridiculous that they stopped you even though he saw that the sheriffs had just talked to you.

    The sheriff got you talking with the dog question. To be fair, it’s probably harder to stand mute with the sheriffs since they’ve done a good job thus far at not violating your rights.

  3. I agree, most likely paperwork avoidance. And yes it is tough being tight lipped when they’ve been so nice in the past.