In this episode I review a 911 call made to San Jose PD about two open carriers in the parking lot.

More open carry in San Francisco, this time a litter cleaning detail.

You may be forced to wear a star in the future… like a good slave 🙂
You don’t need an ID to fly (I haven’t done this yet).
Letter from the TSA to Senator Warner.

And lastly I walk you through my most recent detainment with the San Jose PD and Santa Clara Sheriffs Dept. YouTube Video Here.

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Episode #021 of Open Carry Radio available here. Runtime: 1:11

  1. You eventually showed up to SF eh? I had wandered off early to pick up trash and never found the group again. Did everything go okay with the main group?

  2. I missed this last SF open carry community service activity, I was traveling.

    Based on everything I read online, it went well. No baby’s screamed, no women ran, and no one fainted 🙂

    I’d like to see a city wide carry day in SF like the one done in Livermore.