Back rub real... his Glock?... is not. 🙂

As if ghost written by some Brady staffer:

Imagine walking into your local coffee shop and running into a man or woman carrying a semi-automatic pistol. Or, imagine walking up to an ATM machine and seeing three armed people standing on the sidewalk. Would you call the police or do you run the other way and hope the guns aren’t loaded? If you called the police on your cell phone, you’d be like many other Californians who call local law enforcement and report the gun toters. Like you, the police show up not knowing whether those wearing the guns are good guys or bad guys.

Believe it or not, this scenario has been playing out all too frequently in our neighborhoods, parks and restaurants across California. According to the California Police Chiefs Association and rank and file law enforcement, these situations sometimes get tense.

That’s why, at the request of law enforcement, I recently introduced AB 144, a sensible piece of gun legislation banning the “open carry” of unloaded handguns in California. We have laws to register guns in this state and you have to apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon. But we also have a loophole that allows these modern-day cowboys to walk around carrying a gun on one hip and bullets or clips on the other.


Open Carriers are not “modern day cowboys”, they’re average upstanding multi-racial Americans. Why don’t the other 40+ states have a problem with Open Carry?

For the record there were multiple citizen carrying guns at that grocery store in Arizona and we saw no “crossfire”.

This bill will die just like AB1934. The right to carry is inalienable, the California law restricting it is racist (Google Mulford Act 1967). The law was designed to keep Blacks from patrolling their own neighborhoods armed. For shame.

I carry everyday legally, and I have yet to encounter another open carrier in the wild (aside from organized events). Why? Because less than 1 person for every 600,000 in CA open carry.

I’d love to discuss these issues with you sometime… maybe over a nice massage 😉

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