I’ve been subscribed to Limalife’s channel on youtube for some time now and I’ve found her take and approach on self defense and gun topics refreshing. Where else can you find an instructional video on what to do when you need to go #2 in public while carrying 🙂

Below is a wonderfully produced video illustrating the importance of having a round chambered in your carry piece. California’s racist law (Mulford Act 1967) and civil protests aside I’ve learned that a number of listeners and open carriers carry unloaded even in states that permit it.

If you’re one of these people, maybe you think it’s safer for others around you to not have one in the pipe. Maybe you’re nervous about it going off on its own. I’d encourage you to do some research on your particular firearm, chances are it’s been made in the last few decades and can stand the “drop test”. Here’s California’s for reference, other states read very similar.

So unless you defeat all safeties and pull the trigger that gun is not going off. Train train train and carry loaded.


In this episode I review a 911 call made to San Jose PD about two open carriers in the parking lot.

More open carry in San Francisco, this time a litter cleaning detail.

You may be forced to wear a star in the future… like a good slave 🙂
You don’t need an ID to fly (I haven’t done this yet).
Letter from the TSA to Senator Warner.

And lastly I walk you through my most recent detainment with the San Jose PD and Santa Clara Sheriffs Dept. YouTube Video Here.

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Episode #021 of Open Carry Radio available here. Runtime: 1:11


Earlier tonight I went on one of many open carry walks with the dog. I carry everyday and take a long walk with the dog 3-4 times a week. Looking back at my personal recordings and youtube videos, it’s been almost a year since a LEO stopped to talk to me. I figured the LEOs in my area got a clue and moved on to things like, investigating and stopping crime. On a few occasions I got a nod or wave from the deputies on my walk.

Tonight was different. The difference I can only guess is that a person called the police at the sight of my legal activity, that call got routed through to the San Jose PD, who handle things different than the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept.

Click photo for video.

We can learn a few things from this encounter:
1. The PC12031(e) check is OPTIONAL. Some LEO’s perform it (violating your rights) others don’t.
2. A 10-66 would have definitely gotten the “Let’s see some ID” treatment, open carriers don’t.
3. There could be value in asking officers if they intend on using force with you if you don’t comply.
4. LEO’s are still reading this website.
5. San Jose PD took approximately 10 minutes to respond to a Suspicious Man With A Gun call.
6. In all, 6 cruisers sent to my location, time and money well spent 🙂
7. Nothing said about me recording them.


Gunman Prevails Thanks to Backing From the Brady Campaign.

Brady Campaign's expected reaction from criminals.

Heroic Construction worker Carlos Partida, 30, of Chula Vista, had to use his vehicle as a weapon to defend himself and a school full of children against a crazed gunman.

If you were open carrying would you have been able to help? Not likely in California because PC626.9 prohibits law abiding people from possessing a handgun within 1000 feet from a school, paving the way for the criminals to shoot fish in a barrel. The fish in this case, your children.

I’m very proud of the people that intervened here and stopped this shooting spree early enough to save lives. A group of men tackled this shooter, a tough decision when unarmed. Partida says “We kind of got him down, and we all ended up getting out bodies, fists and feet, and kicking the shit out of him, you know,”.

But according to anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign this type of crime shouldn’t be happening after they pushed the Gun Free School Zone Act on Americans, a federal law later adopted by California as a State law. And as mentioned in a popular Open Carry Forum, it’s highly unlikely this shooter will be charged with violating PC626.9 or PC12031.

A dyed in the wool Brady member would agree that the laws didn’t prevent this atrocity. The next “logical” step for them would be to ban guns all together.  But as we know this is plainly false. One only needs to look at China, where guns of any kind are illegal for citizens to own.

I could go on… Notice the language “School Killings“, these assaults are being perpetrated with knifes and meat cleavers! And the police that’ve been appointed to guard the schools that make it in the news are UNARMED! (meaning they don’t have firearms).

The only answer I see is to repeal these useless Gun Free School Zone laws. We need to enter in to the minds of criminals that if they decide to harm children in schools that there is a good chance the Teachers, Principals, Bus Drivers, Janitors, Gym Coach, Librarian, someone is carrying and will use deadly force to protect the students they love!

Original Articles, Del Mar Times, LA Times, and KABC

Headline provided by and post inspired by bigtoe416 🙂


FBI Wants Their Tracking Device Back

Just this week Yasir Afifi, a California student (and law abiding person) found a tracking device on his friends car. Lot’s of speculation about who may have put the device there until the FBI showed up looking for it 🙂

Freedom Loving people, check your cars and trucks.

More pics below.


Crime Spree Stopped by Armed Citizen

LAS VEGAS – A suspect led police on a chase through the valley Tuesday afternoon after carjacking a victim and trying to rob a pharmacy.

The crime spree started at a Bank of America drive-up ATM on Boulder Highway. Police say the suspect carjacked Prisialno Sandoval after failing to take his money. Sandoval says he was trying to take money out of the ATM, when the suspect pointed a gun at him.

Police say the suspect then drove the stolen SUV to Victory Pharmacy on Eastern and Flamingo, where he started making demands. This time, according to investigators, the suspect flashed his gun and slipped a note to the pharmacist, demanding Oxycontin. The pharmacist, however, was also armed.

Original Story: 8NewsNow.com


Congratulations to Sam Wolanyk for winning his lawsuit against San Diego for falsely arresting him for Open Carrying.

Ryan Burbridge calls in to walk us through two of his illegal detainment in what can only be described as harassment by the Keystone Cops (I mean the Long Beach PD and Park Rangers).

The audio in question from the 4th of July family picnic can be downloaded here.

And two of the three videos from his July 11th illegal detainment and harassment while officers operated under the color of law.

Both of these filmed by a very level headed and supportive Wife/Mother.

Episode #020 of Open Carry Radio available here. Runtime: 1hour 21mins (longest episode yet?)


Photo: YouTube, Sam enjoying freedom in the sun.

Sam Wolanyk has done a great service to the Civil Rights Movement and the Gun Rights Movement. I’d like to congratulate him on his honorable victory here in California.

San Carlos CA (September 29, 2010) – The City of San Diego will pay $35,000 to gun rights activist Samuel Wolanyk for his improper arrest. The San Diego Police Department also granted Mr. Wolanyk’s petition for a Finding of Factual Innocence, admitting no reasonable cause for his arrest existed.

Nearly two years ago, “open carry” activist Wolanyk wound up looking down the barrels of two police handguns when San Diego Police officers Jody Kinsley and Troy White responded to a call of a man wearing a kilt, with a holstered gun, in San Diego’s Mission Beach area. The officers immediately exited their vehicles on arrival at the location, drew their firearms, and ordered Mr. Wolanyk to the ground.

The officers quickly determined the firearm was unloaded, had no magazine in it, with no round in the chamber, and was thus in full compliance with California law. The firearm was unloaded even though Mr. Wolanyk did separately possess loaded magazines carried in an additional pouch attached to his belt (a completely lawful activity).

Read the full press release here. Calguns Foundation


Brady Campaign Follows M.A.D.D.’s Footsteps.

When the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was founded it’s mission statement was “Mothers Against Drunk Driving provides grassroots leadership to create major social change in the attitude and behavior of Americans toward drunk driving.” [1997 website archive, emphasis mine]

Founder Candy Lightner saw the writing on the wall. Going after drunk drivers wasn’t enough for “America’s most-liked charity”. MADD changed direction, going after underage drinking. Keep in mind “underage” was redefined by this organization in 1984 to be all people under 21, not 18. In the Washington Times article “MADD struggles to remain relevant.”, Lightner said “[MADD] has become far more neo-prohibitionist than I had ever wanted or envisioned … I didn’t start MADD to deal with alcohol. I started MADD to deal with the issue of drunk driving”. Lightner has since left the organization.

Today MADD’s mission statement reads “The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.”

Now watch this ad they ran, not a mention of resisting “underage” drinking. Do they think only children watch television?

Brady campaign was founded “to enact and enforce common-sense gun legislation; to provide public education about gun violence, and to reform the gun industry.” Aside from “reforming the gun industry” I can almost get behind that. But that’s no longer who the Brady Campaign is. Over time they have moved their focus to recruiting grieving families and naive people to exploit them in a huge anti-gun scheme and underhanded political movement. This was most evident when they attacked Starbucks for allowing law abiding, armed citizens into their coffee shops. No violence had taken place and the potential for “violence” was no greater than when Open Carriers were not there. It was clear to anyone watching that they saw the opportunity to capitalize on some free publicity through the name recognition of Starbucks. They launched a whole new section of their website with graphics designers, Press packets, and online polls to try and persuade the CEO to change their open door policy. They failed.

The Brady Campaign also supports those that want to disarm the population of all guns and all legal means of carrying them and owning them. I’d list all of the laws and law makers they support but I’d be here all day. You can start by googling “AB1934 Brady Campaign”. They’re hand out awards to government employees and those cronies are getting all dolled up to accept them.

From the California Brady Campaigns blog:

L.A. Police Chief designate Charlie Beck presented the James S. Brady Law Enforcement Award to the Police Department’s Gun Unit.  The Gun Unit’s achievements are outstanding.  Through careful monitoring, it has kept the number of legal firearms dealers in L.A. at 17 for a population of 4,000,000 and has restricted the number of CCW permits to 23!

Why are they praising law enforcement for restricting LEGAL gun stores and LEGAL gun carry via CCW permits? Why is law enforcement accepting the award? In reality the Brady Campaign should change there mission statement to read: The Brady Campaign is dedicated to preventing… GUNS.

Lastly just for fun, here’s a video that marries the two together, MADD uses negative imagery and sounds of a gun to frighten people. I wonder how many MADD members are Brady members? I know one ad man/woman who is 😉


Acclimation in Livermore, CA

Walter Stanley has been carrying in his town regularly. His efforts (exercising a natural right in a climate where it’s not popular with a vocal minority) have made his neighborhood safer not only for non-carrying individuals but also for people that will choose the same method of self protection in the future.

For California, I’m predicting that soon the days of “Hot-Stops” or “Felony Stops” on law abiding people will be gone. The above video is your proof. My town is so acclimated that I’ll go months without a citizen curiously inquiring about my sidearm. Local law enforcement just waves from their cruisers, they have no suspicions that I’m breaking the law and have more important things to do then stop me to “inspect” my gun. I suspect the novelty will wear off for Livermore PD and they’ll go back to stopping criminals.

If you have video of non-incounters or good experiences while carrying, post them. Need help posting them, send me a twitter msg.

I want to also commend Walter for organizing a “city-wide” open carry event. No need to make a huge production, just carry like normal, support your local businesses, be a quiet professional. Great idea and great job!