Another Open Carry Stop

Do you people see a trend here?… Police/LEOs/Cops the country wide have a similar culture of “hey! I did a lot of push-ups, memorized traffic laws, filled out a lot of paperwork and graduated academy! You can’t just come around here with a gun, that’s a privilege reserved for us cops.”

Heres a recent video from HossUSMC. He’s got a great youtube channel, check it out.


Livermore PD keeps up the “let’s bug them until they stop” routine.

So-called “peace officers” from the Livermore Police Dept insist on violating individual rights by stopping open carriers and performing unconstitutional Penal Code 12031(e) searches/seizures without any probable cause, or reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot.

More at http://www.youtube.com/user/BayAreaOpenCarry


California’s Bill to ban Open Carry Passes.

So “SHUT UP SLAVE!” and call the cops if you need help defending your life.

To be clear this goes into effect Jan 1st 2012 and only applies to ‘Handguns’

Updates and rants to come soon.

SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced today that he has signed the following bills: AB144

“Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.”  – Thomas Jefferson


Just a quick 30 min check in with just bad_ace hosting.

Movie product placement and subliminal and obvious. And there’s always the really obvious.

Suspect Named in Monday Night Shooting (Cupertino, CA)

Open Carry Hardee’s Incident (part 1) Accents are thick so it’s hard to follow at times. I hope open carriers can keep their cool a bit better than these folks.

Concealed carry and open carry now okay on campus in Virginia

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Episode #022 of Open Carry Radio available here. Runtime: 35 min


Lengthy Detainment, No ID or Weapons Check…

Video posted by

I may have reminded these officers that they were on private property and there is an exception to PC 12031 for private property. Again, difficult to remember in the moment. On the whole i think the carriers in the video handled themselves professionally. Great job refusing ID. I hope all were carrying Sterile. Keep it up and be safe!


Reason.TV Covers California Open Carry

From local San Diego News this week: In-N-Out Shooting Victim Helping Troops Prepare For Iraq A burger joint! Hello!? Portantino? Are you paying attention?


Starbucks To Buy Peet’s Coffee? Expected to be safer soon.

I may be buying stock in Peet’s Coffee (PEET) as I expect the trend that Starbucks saw in it’s stock price this last year to be repeated. Some attribute the rise to the free press they were dragged into by the media and brady bunch.

Expect Peet’s to be a tad safer if they adopt the same policy from SB corporate.

FWIW, I’ve carried at Peet’s even though they have that policy, they can just ask me to leave 🙂


“Open Carry Vs Gun Control” YouTube Video

Posting this video from Avisualrecord just because of the violent tendencies of the first person interviewed. Any person that wants to “rid the world of guns”, has to accept, short of having a magic Genie, violence/death will be brought on millions of people to accomplish those ends. If they aren’t willing to perpetrate that violence or commission others (most likely) to do so they should hang up the idea that others should be defenseless.


Californian Politician Just Doesn’t Get It.

Back rub real... his Glock?... is not. 🙂

As if ghost written by some Brady staffer:

Imagine walking into your local coffee shop and running into a man or woman carrying a semi-automatic pistol. Or, imagine walking up to an ATM machine and seeing three armed people standing on the sidewalk. Would you call the police or do you run the other way and hope the guns aren’t loaded? If you called the police on your cell phone, you’d be like many other Californians who call local law enforcement and report the gun toters. Like you, the police show up not knowing whether those wearing the guns are good guys or bad guys.

Believe it or not, this scenario has been playing out all too frequently in our neighborhoods, parks and restaurants across California. According to the California Police Chiefs Association and rank and file law enforcement, these situations sometimes get tense.

That’s why, at the request of law enforcement, I recently introduced AB 144, a sensible piece of gun legislation banning the “open carry” of unloaded handguns in California. We have laws to register guns in this state and you have to apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon. But we also have a loophole that allows these modern-day cowboys to walk around carrying a gun on one hip and bullets or clips on the other.


Open Carriers are not “modern day cowboys”, they’re average upstanding multi-racial Americans. Why don’t the other 40+ states have a problem with Open Carry?

For the record there were multiple citizen carrying guns at that grocery store in Arizona and we saw no “crossfire”.

This bill will die just like AB1934. The right to carry is inalienable, the California law restricting it is racist (Google Mulford Act 1967). The law was designed to keep Blacks from patrolling their own neighborhoods armed. For shame.

I carry everyday legally, and I have yet to encounter another open carrier in the wild (aside from organized events). Why? Because less than 1 person for every 600,000 in CA open carry.

I’d love to discuss these issues with you sometime… maybe over a nice massage 😉


Is This What Gun Shows Are Like?

When uneducated people propagate the meme of a “Gun Show Loophole” I often wonder why they aren’t upset about the “Car Dealer Loophole”. Both are selling lethal weapons to law abiding people.

This video (a tongue and cheek video by people who meant it to be a joke) is what anti-gun nut jobs must think happens directly after a Gun Show. Without a 10 day waiting period (when you already own 20+ guns at home), Federal background checks, permission from a local bureaucrat, rape victim certificate in triplicate, mental health evaluation, and lastly a doctors note, how could this activity possibly be safe?! Maniacs!